The Campaign to Expand Milton District Hospital





$2 million reasons to give. We’re in this together.

With hospital construction now 90% complete, now more than ever, the support of our community is critical to help ensure that we are successful in reaching our $30 million goal to purchase essential medical equipment for the Milton District Hospital expansion. Launched publicly on October 4, 2016, the Our Home, Our Hospital Campaign is the largest fundraising campaign in the history of the Milton community.

Having reached 94% of our $30 million goal, we are now focused on the significant task of raising the final $2 million in the next 6 months. These funds will purchase medical equipment for our new 330,000 square foot expansion, including a new MRI machine. Every piece of equipment is critical and every piece needs to be funded by the community.

We need every family, community group, individual and business to step up to help raise the final $5 million for our hospital. Contact us today if you want to be a part of this historical campaign!

Introducing…Your ‘New’ Neighbour

Growing communities and growing families need a larger hospital. Your ‘new and improved’ neighbour, Milton District Hospital, will open its doors to the community in fall of 2017. Read on to see how we plan to bring better healthcare to you and your family.

A quick drive by our hospital will allow you will see the rapid progress of the new 330,000 square foot expansion which will bring much needed new and expanded state-of-the-art medical services to our community.

The expansion will add 330,000 square feet of new patient-centred space, double its capacity to 129 inpatient beds, with a modern, new emergency department, a new maternal newborn unit, state-of –the-art diagnostic imaging, new surgical services and new medical and surgical inpatient units. A true healing environment, with lots of natural light and calming design features. 80% single-patient rooms for improved infection prevention and control, providing increased patient privacy and a brighter healing environment



Milton Hospital Expension



More operating room and post anaesthetic care areas mean shorter wait times and less travelling to larger city centres. The expanded surgical services will accommodate 9,600 procedures annually and include 3 operating rooms and 4 ambulatory procedure rooms, providing quality care close to home.



A new maternal newborn unit will feature modern birthing rooms for a seamless patient experience from labour and delivery to post-partum recovery, a dedicated C-section operating suite for planned and emergency C-sections and new services: special care nursery including 8 bassinets and a family friendly care by parent teaching space.
Patient rooms will feature more space to accommodate a family member’s overnight stay with a pull-out sleep sofa and comfortable chair. Gathering areas with a kitchenette and quiet rooms for larger groups of family and friends who are in need of private space.





Hope means state of the art diagnostic facilities when something doesn’t feel right. Our hospital expansion will be equipped with the latest technology, including Milton’s first MRI Scanner, providing our community with better access to get treated and tested quickly and close to home. A larger, state of the art Diagnostic Imaging Centre will accommodate more than 40,000 diagnostic scans per year.


If you are interested in learning more about our New and Expanded Services please click the link to open.

Transforming the community hospital experience.