Welcoming new lives – being there for families!

We deliver more than 1,000 babies into the arms of parents each year.  We are one of the youngest communities in Canada which means that on most days our Maternal Newborn Unit is overflowing, frequently operating above our 8 bed capacity.  We anticipate that our current number of births will increase from 1,000 deliveries per year to 2,340 within the next five years.  Today, we are only able to serve 48% of expectant Milton mothers. The new 27,815 sq ft expansion will bring much needed additional care to young families in our community.

Currently, our Maternal Newborn Unit is equipped as Level 1 to care for healthy, full term, single birth babies.  When an emergency cesarean surgery is required, the mother will compete for space in one of three operating rooms which also often run at capacity.

A new level 2(a) Nursery will allow us to care for planned twin births, keep premature babies from 34 weeks on as well as full term babies who require “special care” but do not require ventilation.

Currently, when babies who require special care are born in Milton they are separated from their mothers and taken by ambulance to a hospital in a neighboring community such as Oakville or Mississauga.

The expanded Maternal Newborn Unit will include a dedicated caesarean suite for mothers who require much needed emergency access to an operating room for caesarean procedures. This new dedicated space will also allow for upgraded maternal care and the ability to offer caesarean procedures for mothers night and day.

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