Children have realized the importance of giving back to the community and we want to encourage them as much as possible!

Little Leaders Program – Kids for Health going strong!

Over the past few years the Little Leaders—Kids for Health program saw no fewer than twelve young people participate in our program.

The fundraising events that were held ranged from lemonade stands, garage sales to a birthday party with donations in lieu of a birthday gift. We commend the young participants for their enthusiasm and selfless efforts in raising funds for their community hospital.

From selling lemonade on a hot summer day to selling toys that they have outgrown or holding a birthday party with a charitable twist, these kids are looking beyond themselves and having fun doing it!

For more information on how to organize an event, please scroll down.

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Kids for Health

We gratefully acknowledge the following Little Leaders who organized fundraising events to benefit the Foundation. 


Our youngest Milton citizens have shown tremendous initiative and philanthropic drive, and we want to celebrate their imagination and enthusiasm with our LITTLE LEADERS program.

To become a Little Leader, your child can host a Little Leaders Birthday Party and request that in lieu of gifts, their party guests bring donations for the Milton District Hospital Foundation.

Hosting a birthday party is not the only way your child can become a Little Leader. Raise money for the Milton District Hospital Foundation by creating your own event. You’re only limited by your imagination! Be creative! Consult our Kids for Health Guide for more ideas and tips on how to get started.

Each Little Leader will be recognized with an official Little Leader certificate, including a photo of their very own Big Cheque presentation.

Kids for Health Milton Hospital

Parents, if your child is interested in becoming a Little Leader, please contact Pat Cluett or Andrea Cayer at the Milton District Hospital Foundation.  Email or .   Phone 905-878-2383 ext. 7353 or 905-878-2383 x 7172.