Performing their life saving duties

In a community hospital, the Emergency Department is paramount; our hospital currently handles 33,000 visits per year – that’s 90 visits every day. In a community hospital, emergency departments also typically see a larger number of children than other hospitals.

At our hospital, nearly 30 percent of our emergency patients are children, yet we have no dedicated pediatric space or pediatric medical instruments to provide treatment.

Key challenges currently facing our Emergency Department include the increasingly high level of acuity of our patients and a large nearby prison population requires almost daily care at our hospital.  While under significant pressure, our healthcare professionals are performing their life saving duties in an extremely dated and small space.

The entirely new 25,935 sq ft Emergency Department will have significant impact for healthcare in Milton.  The expanded space will triple the number of emergency beds and allow us to accommodate 57,000 visits per year.  A new triage process will increase efficiencies in patient flow and decrease wait times for patients.

Our youngest patients will have a special “short stay” area within the Emergency Department allowing healthcare professionals the time and space to observe and assess our pediatric patients and determine the best plan for their healthcare.



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